HC-05 Bluetooth Module

HC-05 Bluetooth is an easy to interface SPP (Serial Port Protocol) Bluetooth module. It communicate via serial communication which makes an easy way to interface with controller or a PC. This module provides user switching mode between master and slave mode which means it can be used to transmit and receive data.

HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Fig. HC-05 Bluetooth Module


• Model: HC-05
• Input Voltage: DC 5V
• Serial Communication
• Master and slave mode

Pin Description Function
vcc +5V Connect to +5V
GND Ground Ground Connection

Bluetooth serial signal sending PIN

Connect with the MCU’s RXD PIN.

Bluetooth serial signal receiving PIN

Connect with the MCU’s TXD PIN.
KEY Mode switch input If it’s input high level, the module will enter in to AT mode and if it is input low level or connect to the air, the module is at paired or communication mode.



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