DHT22 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

DHT22 is a Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module. It’s a low cost temperature and humidity sensor with a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and provide a digital signal on the data pin. It is very easy to interface, but requires careful timing to capture data.
Connect the first pin on the left to 3-5V power source and the second pin to your data input pin. The rightmost pin is a ground pin.

DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

DHT22 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor



1. High precision output
2. Capacitive type sensor
3. Full range temperature compensated
4. Relative humidity and temperature measurement
5. Calibrated digital signal
6. Long-term stability
7. Low power consumption


8. 4 pins packaged and fully interchangeable
9. Measuring range: temperature -40-80 ℃; humidity 0; 99.9%RH
10. Measurement accuracy (25℃): temperature: + 0.5; humidity: + 2%RH (10; 90%RH)
11. Resolution: temperature: 0.1 ℃, humidity: 0.1%RH
12. Attenuation value: temperature: <1℃ / year; humidity: < 1%RH/ years
13. Sensor types:
Temperature: resistance type sensor;
Humidity: capacitive sensor
14. Response time:
temperature: 5S;
humidity: 5S 1/e (63%)
15. Working temperatures: -40-80℃
16. Power source: DC3.3-5.5V

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