Arduino Introduction

Arduino is a very popular open-source platform which includes Microcontroller based hardware and software IDE. Arduino can be programmed using programming language which is similar to C language to detect input from different kind of sensors and trigger output devices using Arduino codes.

Arduino Hardware

The Arduino hardware Board is a credit card size board containing an Atmel microcontroller, a USB connector, no of header connectors, voltage regulator and USB interface chip etc. Arduino hardware family has many board available in different form factors and hardware specifications, let’s have a look on the most popular of all Arduino Uno.

Arduino Uno


Arduino Uno is the most popular board of Arduino family which is based on Atmel’s ATmega328P microcontroller. It contains 14 input/output pins for digital signals and 6 analog input pins, a power jack, a USB connector and an ICSP header. Basically it is equipped with everything you need to get started, just plug it to your computer via USB interface and you are ready to program it using Arduino IDE.

Arduino introduction


                                                                                      Arduino Uno Board

Pin details of Arduino Uno

arduino introduction pins


                                                                           Arduino Uno Pinouts

Some other boards from Arduino family are.


Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE is an open source software used to program Arduino boards. It is very user friendly and include user documentation to get started. Arduino IDE is available for all major operating systems Like Windows, Linux and Mac OS and you can download it from Arduino website.
Windows 10 users can also download app from Microsoft app store.

Arduino introduction

                                                                                          Arduino IDE

Arduino Applications

Since Arduino introduction it has been very popular among Electronics hobbyist and for Prototype development, as it is a low coast and open source and has a range of hardware available. Arduino is also very popular among makers these days and can be used in variety of fields like

This was a brief Arduino introduction, in next article we will learn how to get started with Arduino boards.



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